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Ignite curiosity, grow potential.

Learning Jungle is a global provider of quality educational child care, enriching young minds and inspiring children to be creative, mindful and influential to the future of our families, communities and the world we live in.

Infant, Toddler, Preschool and School-Age Programs

Play-based Learning

Our play-based learning programs are a process of observing, documenting and discussing children’s experiences with families as a basis for lesson planning.

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How does our Friends & Family Referral Program work?

Do you have a friend or family member who is looking for child care? If you refer them to Learning Jungle, you AND your friend will receive a $250 credit towards your account if they decide to register their child into a full-time program.

All you have to do is remind your friend/family member to mention your name upon child registration. It’s that easy!

Terms and Conditions

  1. You must have a child actively enrolled in a Learning Jungle program to qualify.
  2. Only applicable to NEW full-time (5 days/week) program enrolments. New part-time enrolments qualify for $100 credit.
  3. The newly registered child must be enrolled for a minimum of 30 days. You will receive a credit to your account 30 days after the new child has started enrolment.
  4. You may refer a friend or family member to any of our Learning Jungle locations in Canada, USA and Singapore.
  5. The referral name must be presented at time of registration. No exceptions thereafter.
  6. There is no limit to the number of children you refer.
  7. This program is effective December 1, 2019. All referrals prior to this date do not qualify.
  8. The Terms and Conditions of the Family & Friends Referral Program are subject to change without notice and will be posted on this page.

Who needs more play dates? Nothing is better than having your child share their learning experience with friends and family. 

Each child you refer that registers in a full-time Learning Jungle program qualifies for a $250 credit towards your account.