Child Care Programs

From the moment you walk in the door, Smart Kids welcomes your child to a warm and stimulating space, giving them a sense of belonging, well-being and engagement to develop new skills, communicate with others and express themselves freely.

Our quality educational child care programs cater to children 6 weeks to 12 years of age. 

Smart Kids programs are play-based, Reggio-inspired for children to learn and excel.

Play-based Learning

Research shows that the first five years of a child’s life has a strong impact on their learning ability for all the years to follow. Children absorb information quickly, thus, it is essential to develop the fundamental building blocks at an early age to set the foundation for their future.

Our play-based learning programs are a process of observing, documenting, studying, and discussing children’s experiences with families as a basis for lesson planning. Our teachers closely monitor each child to ensure ‘whole child development’, consisting of skills in five domains: social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical. Once children graduate to preschool and beyond, they are introduced to Mathematics, Social Sciences, English and other languages.

Lesson plans and activities are selected by our teachers based on observations of a child’s development. In turn, this promotes a flexible curriculum that is more individualized for each child.

Balanced Program

  • Cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development, are interrelated in young children, and all developmental areas must be addressed
  • Children’s play is essential for physical development and gross motor skills
  • Each child is unique with an individual pattern of timing, growth and development
  • Young children construct knowledge and understanding through their interactions with materials, people and the world around them. 
  • A child’s learning moves from a concrete, personal understanding to conventional understandings through awareness, exploration, inquiry and utilization
  • Children have a need to make sense of their experiences and are motivated to learn by their interests and natural curiosity

Programs by age group

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Please check with your local Smart Kids for program offerings & availability. 


(6 weeks – 12 months)

We offer a warm, nurturing and responsive environment for infants which includes a designated sleep area and play space. Infants are at a very sensory age – absorbing information, and learning in all areas of development. Educators co-learn with infants by providing toys, materials and activities to help infants develop skills at their own pace.

Our educators are well-versed in infant development and care and work with parents to develop routines and schedules for feeding and rest. With this in mind, the first full-time week for a new infant enrolment is focused on observing, bonding, connecting, and getting to know the child’s learning style, interests and needs.


(12 months – 2 years)

At this age, toddlers become more independent and we encourage their development with a carefully designed program of activities largely through play. Smart Kids offers a balanced program that allows children to explore, be engaged and develop fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skills. Educators observe and track developmental progress in all five domains to plan activities for each individual toddler.

The toddler environment is set up in a spacious area to accommodate for lots of activity and movement. Educators delight in the opportunity to be silly, sing, dance, read, play, and laugh with toddlers. Outdoor play and exploration are also an important part of a toddler’s day to exercise large muscles and burn off energy.


(2 – 4 years)

At this age, children are more relaxed and cooperative with the advantage of easily engaging, communicating and reasoning with them. Preschool children enjoy a full day program with activities that encourages them to be active, socialize with their peers, enhance motor and cognitive skills and be creative.

The classroom is warm and welcoming with lots of opportunity for interaction with educators and other children. Periodically, learning also takes place outside of the facility. Children enjoy a variety of trips and outings to local parks, walking trails, recreational facilities and places of interest.


(4 years)

We participate in both NC Pre-K and MECK Pre-K programs for 4-year-old children. Through high-quality educational experiences, these programs give children a strong foundation on which to build their future education and have been shown to improve school readiness, making the transition to school easier for both the child and family.

Children enrolled at Smart Kids prior to attending Pre-Kindergarten will be given priority during the application process. Our parents find this seamless transition from preschool to Pre-K more advantageous and rewarding for their children. Children are able to adjust to the learning environment at an earlier stage and feel a sense of stability prior to graduating to elementary school.

Learn more about our Pre-K program and application process


(6 – 12 years)

Play is still critical to this age group for continued development of cognitive, social and other areas of development. At Smart Kids, we offer school-age children a balance of homework time, structured activities, free play and individual hands-on exploration. Our educators take the time to form meaningful relationships with each child, appreciating the increased competency of school-age children by giving them independence but also encouraging and helping them to participate and make the right decisions.

After a long day at school, children look forward to unwinding and stretching their minds and muscles, hanging out with their friends and playing the numerous board games available at the facility.

The classroom is warm and welcoming with lots of opportunity for interaction with educators and other children. During the summer, children enjoy a variety of trips and outings to local parks and places of interest.


Everybody knows everybody. They greet you in the morning. It’s a really fun environment to be in. My kids have blossomed since coming here.

SK Parent

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